Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fresh and Onlys - Imaginary Friends EP 7"

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Right now San Francisco is leading the nation in awesomeness due to their seemingly endless supply of bands coming out with fantastic stuff. Coincidentally, all of these bands seem to be in the same gang.

The Fresh and Onlys are getting so much attention in the robot's castle that a few of my other records can be heard crying. In fact, my copy of Wham's Make it big just committed suicide about an hour ago. I just got finished cleaning up the beard stubble. It was everywhere.

Oh crap, is that an earring on the floor? Shit.

This is their first 7 inch. Enjoy!

I heart Des Roar!

Das Roar Bionic Ear Recording Session from Indie Rock Reviews on Vimeo.

It's been a minute since I've mentioned my good friends and Rock N' Roll partners, Des Roar, but I've been hipped to the news that their debut long player, Mad Things, is complete. So basically what I'm trying to say is that sooner than you think all of you kids are going to be twistin' in front of your record players en masse.

Contact the band should you have the urge to pick up an exclusive t-shirt designed by yours truly. It's the perfect tee to wear while stabbing your enemies... a lot. Through you should be careful... since Billy Mays passed away, I'm not sure OxyClean can get those pesky blood stains out of your American Apparel tees.

The worst part... these lazy bastards I count among my bestest of friends haven't given me one yet.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girls Beware is serious business!

Hey lady... just forget the whole thing, I've got better things to do besides waste my time wanting you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Wednesday. Yeah!

Oh robot is a man. I like laughing. I'll watch anything with Chuck Norris in it. I own records I still haven't heard yet. I refuse to give up on my cassette tapes. I wish I could live on a diet consisting of steak and shrimp. I've just discovered the joy of being barefoot at home. I despise seeing toe rings on women's feet. My wife, kids, and dogs are vegan. I give my dogs meat on the sly. I work more than play. I can't swim. I don't drive. Some say I wear small shorts. People often treat me as their psychiatrist. I know the cowboy from the Village People. Someday I'd like to move to either Scotland or San Francisco. I wish people would leave comments more often. I'm an old romantic. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I wear my other heart on my other sleeve. I like movies with talking animals. I have a desire to hug a cow and tell it nice things. I haven't shopped at a real clothing store in over fifteen years. I own five pairs of pants and they all look the same. I have about twenty shirts and with the exception of three, they are all the same. People tell me that I'm quite the catch. Although I was born in New York, people often believe I am from a country western state. I don't feel handsome. I've been brokenhearted more than I'd care to mention. I don't care for professional dancing. I firmly believe that love is nothing but a slow heart attack. I'd really like a stiff drink right now.

Optiganally Yours: This may be the first time you hear about an Optigan.

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If it isn't, then you are aware of the coolness of one of those things. Whoever thought up the merging of a record player and a piano was a fucking genius.

Why not, right?

Look up what the Optigan can do!
Even if you don't appreciate the music, you should at least respect what these guys set out to do... and did.

*Mr. Wilson is awesome!

Please enjoy A spotlight on Optiganally Yours

By the way, the image above isn't the album cover. I just thought this one was cute. Doesn't she look like she'd have a few cats?

* I should add that there's nothing wrong with cats.. unless you prefer dogs which are far, far superior to felines. Hee hee.

Weakends are good.

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There's no telling how I ever heard of these dudes, but the Weakends are simultaneously ramshackle and tight at the same time.

From France, the band has found it's way to the US by way of Rob's House Records... which by the way, is a mega-rad label and you should buy shit from them on a regular basis.

Anyway, I'd like you to enjoy their debut album. It's self titled because apparently, the Weakends are men of little regard for flashy names and such.

Go out and buy this on wax. It'll come in handy more often than you'd think.

Dan Auerbach appreciation night.

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Here is an album that I feel went without much noteriety, even though it was created by one of the best guitarists to ever walk the Earth. Dan Auerbach, the "everything but the drums" half of the duo otherwise known as the Black Keys.

Included are the trademark sick riffs and everything else that make the Black Keys such a recognizable sound, but on this solo outing, there is something going on that is entirely different.

It's a fine record, but I can't help but long for the days when this guy released songs like "Busted." Easily that's one of the nastiest bar fightin' songs ever laid to wax.

Be good kids... and don't forget to buy a copy of this should you spot it on vinyl. It's important to own physical copies of records from the musicians you like.

It also features Jessica Lea Mayfield. She's dope.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maniac is serious business!

There are times where twenty minutes isn't enough.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Hentchmen assorted 45's

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The Hentchmen have long been considered the best band in Michigan for way over a decade now. They've released countless albums and 45's and have consistently toured the world ten times over. Jack White was once a member of this group as well.

Listening to this group isn't like hearing so many of these other 60's styled bands. No sir, these guys are so fucking authentic it God damned hurts!

Here's a little fun fact:
Jack White originally wrote the song "Hypnotize" for them, but they , for unknown reasons never used it. Years later it ended up on the Elephant record.

See? You can sometimes learn from me. Yay!.

I ripped these from vinyl and I loved doing it!
You'll find...

Surprise surprise - Norton's Rolling Stones cover project 7"
One up 7"
So many girls 7"

Sleazy like Sunday Morning: #3 in my Paperback sleaze project.

A grimy old warehouse wasn't the ideal spot for him to go down on her, but who was she to argue? She'd been dying for a slow hand all afternoon and today he'd have her sitting on an old bar stool with her head tilted back. As her eyes opened and closed they captured tiny pictures of the ceiling and the light fixtures above them. The slight flashes seemed like a dim, slow flashing strobe. He started with a playful touch to her inner thigh and not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, she spread her legs slightly as to not impede his advances. He stopped and reached for a nearby milk crate to sit upon. Then... positioning himself before her, he traced at the backs of her knees with his fingers all the while relishing the fact that his tongue would dampen these same spots later.

She was beautiful. And cool.

Her eyes were the smoky, 3 am bar you just have to go into. Every time he looked in her direction, it was as if he was drinking away her very being. That's how badly he desired to consume her.

As he softly bit the inside of her thigh, his heart began to pump. He was excited beyond return trip by this point and his cock was bursting against the denim cage wrapped around it like a wild gorilla. Lately his attention was focused on the taste of her vagina and tonight he'd do good by himself to take a chomp. Lord knows, she wanted it in the worst way. Her body, a rag doll, for his contemptuous throws, was tossed into that special place where no fire could be extinguished. He felt it was best to let it burn.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bobby and the Soft Spots - Can't get her off 7"
Click here because we lost a good man

Bobby Ubangi aka Benjamin Jay Womack was a regular in the Atlanta Rock N' Roll scene. Most folks will know him from his work in the Gaye Blades, a girl group inspired band he was in with his best friend Jared Swilley of the Black Lips. Besides that he was in a number of bands, most notably The Lids.

After hearing the GB's I ventured to find out more about Mr. Ubangi and learned that he was diagnosed with cancer. Fuck! I hate that disease more than anything because it seems to claim everyone at some point.

This seven inch was originally released as a benefit with all proceeds going toward his mounting medical bills. I picked up a few copies as soon as they were available.

This time he goes by the moniker of Bobby and the Soft Spots and baby, it's damn good! If you like Rock N' Roll, you should really contact his labels Die Slaughterhaus and Rob's House Records to purchase his last release: Inside the mind of Bobby Ubangi.

A-Side: Can't get her off
B-Side:I don't need you

r.i.p. bj from rob downs on Vimeo.

The Greenhornes - Live at Shake it Records 7"

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Originally pressed up in 2002, this nifty little 45 was pressed up in a very limited edition of 700. There are currently no plans to reissue it so that makes it all the more special. Like unicorns and virgins.

A-Side: I won't take it anymore
B-Side: Lost woman

I really wish this band would get back together and release something because watching Little Jack Lawrence fart around with the Dead Weather and The Raconteurs is depressing me. Hey Little Jack... give Craig a call will ya? Jeez.

The Cobras - Your Love 7"

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Attention: These cobras are not from Detroit.

Every once in a while I sift through my record collection and find a 45 that I can't recall how it got there. I pick and pick and pick my brain until I throw my hands in the air in defeat.

After this has happened so many times I've come to the conclusion that I either have a brain disorder where memories disintegrate and I only have 13 minutes to live or there is a Rock N' Roll record fairy that flies through your window at night to give all the hep cats great little garage records like this.

Honestly, you can't get drunk when you're dead, so for the sake of living life I'm going to stick with the more magical of my suspicions.

Originally released in 1966 by Big beat Records... please enjoy

The Cobras "I wanna be your love" b/w "Instant heartache"

Mr. David Viner 7"

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If you've been with this blog for a while, then you've probably heard me mention Mr. David Viner at some point. I don't have anything new to say about him because I'm too busy doing my own thing to look after his globetrotting, womanizing ways. You'd also know that he started his foray into music after counting Jason Stollsteimer and the Von Bondies as fans after the band heard him playing his guitar between their gigs. He used to be their roadie. As an opening act for the VB's, he garnered attention from the UK press and for a brief run he enjoyed a certain type of below the radar success that kept him from having to work a day job. His newer stuff is a little different so for now I'll reserve my opinion. At the time of this post it is unknown if he is in fact working at an office or pet shop.

I dug this little record outta the bin. Enjoy Mr. David Viner and the Soledad Brothers playing their songs:

My baby (the woo-woo song)
Where the posies grow

Pre black eye and post black eye Von Bondies 7"s

Click here for that "first fish" feeling

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was the early part of the millennium and Detroit was the haven of all things Rock N' Roll (again.) There were tons of bands busting their asses and playing all the local bars in downtown Detroit. Then, all of a sudden a little band called the White Stripes managed to poke it's head out of the car factory exhaust coming from the smokestacks.

In a flash people started taking notice and for a little while, Detroit was the most famous Rock n' Roll town on the map. At the head of the pack were Jack and Meg White. These two were turning heads, so naturally the next logical step for their fans was to find out who their friends were. Thus began the spotlight on Michigan's dirty rock scene.

Seemingly overnight, journalists from all around the world took to their computers and began to herald that little blue collar town and with it they suggested that we notice of all of the other bands creating that glorious racket in all the local dives.

Among these bands were the Von Bondies. Fronted by Jason Stollsteimer, they were the understudies in a scene where the booze was flowing wildly and the tapers were out there tapin'. Rock N' Roll was on the rise and finally the kids of the world were "gettin" it.

Then, the leaders of the pack; The White Stripes, started getting a great deal of attention. All of a sudden it didn't matter that Jack White was out there spreading the good word of real rock n' roll because he was "famous" now and wasn't "real" anymore. Jealousy reared its ugly mug in a small town city. Ultimately the fellow in the pic above was beaten to a pulp at a Blanche record release party by Jack White himself. That particular event garnered the Von Bondies more attention from the press than any of their albums. Since then their music and songwriting has suffered. Have you heard their latest record? Ouch. I though it was The Killers.


before all of that nonsense, pure and amazing records like this were getting made. Thank God.

First up it's "Nite Train" b/w "Goin' down" (D Wrecked Hit Records DET 001)

These are the original 1st. 7" versions because my record player told me I should feed you guys.

Your other audible good time is coming off of the "Tell me what you see" single with its B-side "Suzie"

To me it's mediocre.

It's fuckin' crazy how getting punched in the face could totally change your approach to musicianship. Most people only have to complain about a black eye.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rock N' Roll High School is serious business!

If you feel the need to dig deeper...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vince Taylor is a jet black machine.

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Vince Taylor. Another barely out there rockabilly guy made this. It's a real treat for you young ladies.

* Hey there, reader of this post... why don't you leave me some comments. Let me know I'm not alone on this bastard planet.

Ty Segall & Thee Oh Sees split 7"

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When I first heard Ty Segall I was immediately hooked on his tunes. I listened to "Don't do it" off of his self titled album and caught a chilly ass wave that totally reminded me of Jack White when he was at his best; singing "Let's shake hands" which by the way is my favorite song ever!

This kid has got it down and he has no shame in showing off what he knows. I've purchased all of his other stuff and so should you. Do not delay either. It's called a record store. After pushing their door open, you can enter and actually purchase these strange plastic discs and use them to get sound in your home. I know! Crazy!

The other band on this 7 inch is called Thee Oh Sees. Absolutely great shit here, man. For this record they've swapped material and both sides are liable to make you cut a rug all night. Don't worry... there's gonna be chicks there.

Ty Segall - Maria Stacks (Thee Oh Sees cover)
Thee Oh Sees - The Drag ( Ty Segall cover)

Cococoma & The Hipshakes split 7"

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"Alright kids, pack up all of yer dads Pabst and empty those piggy banks so I can get some smokes. We're goin' on a road trip! We can get some cheese burgers too. Uh, you know what? Just pack my beer and hand over any money you've got. I've gotta do this alone... fly solo. You'll understand when yer older and more smarter. Where's yer momma anyway? I guess it don't matter none. While I'm gone I want you to put on those fancy dancin' sneakers I got you last year and play some of my records. Got it? And hey... don't you little bastards touch my wristband collection. I know how many I've got."

The above text has nothing to do with this record, but I still want you to enjoy this release from Tic Tac Totally Records out of Chicago.

The A side features Cococoma doing "Never be true" and a really good version of the Hipshakes song "Brain numb"

The B side has got those English Hipshakes banging out "Hurt my pride" and a cover of Cococoma's "All I give"

Have a blast with these because I baked em' fresh off of my turntable for ya!

And for no good reason at all... a song I'm fond of.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Greg Cartwright post. Hooray!

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It's a well known fact that Greg Cartwright is my favorite musician. Tonight he brings it to ya like Elvis!! Watch out now!!

"Pretty baby" is a lonesome lady killer that I ripped off of the lone Greg Oblivian and The Tip Tops 7 inch that Sympathy put out years ago. I would've upped the B side too, but those songs are on the Head Shop album, which can be found somewhere around these parts... if you're looking right.

Next up we've got "I'll cry" b/w "Your love" These are different, more urgent versions than you're probably used to. Before you lay your head to bed tonight, make sure that you thank Slovenly Records for putting out this gem of a 45.

Lastly, but certainly not least...I lovingly deliver to you the very first Reigning Sound 7 inch, It's called Two sides to every man and has Mr. Oblivian putting his best Gene Clark forward on "Here without you." The B-side has the Cartwright original "West Texas Sound" and "Pretty Girl" which on the actual vinyl is credited as "Sha la la"

Here is the video shot by mtmillionaire. It's from the new album and it's called "If it's true"

Demon's Claws will cut your ugly face

Click here for a small serving of Stork Chops

How's that for a scary title, huh? No? Anyway, these Canadian boys are a fucking cannonball of Rock n' Roll, Country, and good old fashioned punk. I love that.

I can't find a picture of this record that I like so I figured I'd draw alternate covers.

Whenever I hear this band I assume that the recordings took place at a time where all people involved with the band were really drunk, but were committed to recording a song that evening. I love that too.

I ripped these off of my turntable.

First up is the "Hooked on Ketamine" 7 inch with a loving little B-Side called "Always be my friend" and then from the always awesome Norton label, they cover "Factory Girl" by The Rolling Stones.

I hope that you enjoy the Rock that I bestow upon you this good night.