Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you Detroit...

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Here's a pretty cool record from the Hentchmen. It features a young Jack White lending his abilities to a few songs. It's not breaking any ground, but after this whole "Quantum of Solace" thing, I need my memories. Please enjoy Hentch forth Five.

Jack White and Alicia Keys...

...got together and made an overproduced song that will be fawned over by millions. To me however, this is the duet that made me swoon.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Is your sister this cool?

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Is it sacrilegious to dress up as a nun and make some throwback beat garage? If it is then, hell...what can I say? At least this isn't the sound track to "The church of fudge" (Google it)
For now however, throw your hands to the sky for Thee Headcoatees and their last record, The Sisters of Suave.

In honor of Halloween...

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I'm very excited to get you guys to listen to this album. Horror punk at its finest. We all know Danzig is kind of a douche bag, but boy can that man make some killer music! Wait...maybe he's a really nice guy and just misundertood? Anyway, this is a perfect album to listen to while you and your friends drink cheap beer in the woods. Enjoy Novembers Coming Fire.

Did somebody say BBQ???!!

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In this world there aren't very many one man bands out there that will grab your attention and squeeze it, but this bad motherfukka from Montreal will do just that. Mark Sultan, one half of the garage orgasm that is known worldwide as the King Khan and BBQ Show can sure put it down, Man! The sound is cheap, but by no means is that a negative description. No way. This, his second long player, was recorded live and direct for your lo-fi listening pleasure. If you're a fan of 50's doo-wop, garage punk, and stompy-ass drums, then my friend you have found your new leader. His name is BBQ. Please enjoy tie your noose.