Sunday, March 22, 2009

Them again!
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Man, the sixties were probably thee most awesome time to be a fan of music. There were so many great bands that seemed to be popping up everywhere with that hip shakin' sound!

Them, fronted by a handsome, young Van Morrison, were akin to the Rolling Stones in a thousand ways. Some might go as far as to say why listen to both bands when you can just pick one of them?

The answer is pretty simple...why short yourself?

Now, be a good tot and say this prayer before bed tonight:

Lord, keep rock n' roll alive
I promise not to drink and drive
I wanna shake my ass, ok?
Pour a beer and let my records play.

After you're done, just sit back and wait for Heaven to come to you.

And for no reason...take this

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nancy Sinatra You go-go girl
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By default, These boots are made for walkin' is included as the last track on this album. I'm not complaining, but why does it have to be on like, every album released under her name? Man...

This record is great though.

Best used when at a bar entertaining a group of females who enjoy kissing you.

Why? I tell ya... Because it's fun.
Who are you going home with?

PS. If you're a good hugger you will always be needed.

The vixen and the fish! What?

This is from an old Russ Meyer movie. I don't know if it's because I'm casually sipping upon a chilled vodka, but this made me laugh pretty good just now.

You know what else is funny? I just got word that my niece, who I haven't seen in over a decade, is now the proud owner of a new beard.'s sad, but I'm still laughing on the inside.

Also not funny? Barbara Walters.

Calvin Jonson is a weirdo!
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I wasn't aware of Calvin Johnson for most of my life, but on a cold day in New York I picked this album up. I had no idea who he was, but I liked the cover. I do that a lot.

When I popped this on I wanted to turn it off a few seconds later, but something told me to wait, because it was 2005 and I should hear the guy out.

It's been years since then and I haven't purchased anything else by him, but dammit if I don't hum these songs at least once a month...especially Ode to St. Valentine.

I don't know if Mirah and Beth Ditto are your cup of tea, but they're on this record.

Blind Willie McTell
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Out of all the blind bluesmen (Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Roosevelt Graves, Blind Joe Reynolds, etc;) that strummed a guitar and sang about women, a train, the blues, corn liquor, and the Lord...Willie McTell is my favorite. Jack White loves the guy so much he covers him whatever chance he gets (Lord, send me an angel, Boll Weevil)

He had this sickeningly cute voice that just cut right through a person and his guitar playing was phenomenal. In the short time he was out there busking around, he recorded an impressive amount of music. Luckily, people like Alan Lomax existed back then.

On a side note, my brain must be collapsing in on itself because as many times as I wrote the word blind in this post...I misspelled it each time. I wrote "bling" Fick...damn!

Arthur Alexander is the ultimate!
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Arthur Alexander is one of those singers that you've heard a thousand times before, but didn't know it. You knew the songs, but you just filed them away as some northern soul that was on a compilation or something like that. The man had a voice like warm honey. Yummy...enjoy!

Fans of ex-Headcoatee, Holly Golightly, may recognize the last track on this album. It's called Black Night and she covered it really well on the Truly she is no other album.

You should go out and buy it. It's a good one for the record collection.

Sunday, March 1, 2009