Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Only on Christmas...

Well hello there boys and girls, it's your old pal Dirty CARL here to wish you a very happy holiday on this stupid, piece of shit day we call Christmas. Now, I know what you're thinking... "Carl, how can you say that about Christmas? It's the birthday of baby Jesus!" Not the religious type? Ne neither. Maybe you're thinking "Carl, Christmas time is a time for families to be together and exchange gifts. It's the one day where everyone puts their differences aside and remembers how much they love each other."

If you're thinking that, then you've hit the nail on the head, which coincidentally sends it through a hand, which in turn drives it into a crudely fashioned cross. Am I going to Hell? Certainly folks!

Anyway, this is the second Christmas where I find myself wishing I was hanging from a tree because I don't get to spend it with my children. It's the second Christmas that I get to depressedly stare at the pile of gifts that I bought for them and sink into this completely blackened muck of a state of mind.

Don't worry too much though. I'm like a cockroach. Nuclear blasts can't stop the kid.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dirty Carl Show Vol. 25

Hi'ya folks! You'll know what to do from here.
Dirty Carl Show Vol. 25
Track list in the comments.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today's Yum!

Say no at first... but I dare any red blooded, 'hated by bro's male' to deny the fact that if you were having a shitty time anywhere... and this showed up... station wagon, with wood panel and all... that you wouldn't tell your friends that you were in love?

Yeah, I noticed the defnined chin.
Where else will your balls fall so comfortably?
Think gentlemen... think.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is dedicated...

... to a lot of ladies. But like Highlander...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mastabeta - Drive train


Hello to all of you. This includes my vintage readers as well as my newer friends. I picked today to write a message to you. I'll begin.

I guess the first thing I should do is address the reason I haven't made this site a free for all download spot in a long time. Simply put, I'd love to spend more time uploading and sharing my ass off, but as luck would have it, my outside of the internet life needs a great deal of attention and at the end of the day I simply don't have the energy to lift a pencil, much less scour the record bins trying to find that rare 60's garage stomper "Baby likes leather" by Alfred and the Nubile Chums.*

That's not to say that I won't drop a little gem here and there. For close to a year and a half I've been wetting myself over this mixtape series I've been doing called The Dirty Carl Show. I hope you folks have taken advantage of the series. I for one enjoy them when cocktailling.

As always, I'm true to you. I hope you dig what I'm doing and I also hope that you look both ways while crossing the street. Cars. They hurt.

Anyway, keep riding your bikes, loving your women, telling the truth, staying fed, and giving it your best shot!


*Not a real band

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My favorite guy from World War Z

Paul Redeker/Xolelwa Azania: Designer of the Redeker Plan; the public pictured him as a heartless man, although this is still being debated on. Called an angel and a devil because of his plan, seeing as he was willing to sacrifice thousands to save the human race. Many members of the South African government opposed his plan but were convinced after Nelson Mandela embraced Redeker stating that "This man will save our people." Subsequently went insane and began living under the identity Xolelwa Azania.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Segall Eaters hate kids

Ty Segall and Seth Hutton of Useless Eaters 7" on Nashville's Dead records. Wowsers, man!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dirty Carl Show Vol. 24 - Beasts.

                                            Click here for Dirty Carl # 24

Okay folks, Carl is a drunkard. Yep. Now that that little hidden fact is blown for cover, I'd like y'all to cocktail heavily to this. It's Dirty Carl # 24 and it's guaranteed to have you looking for your socks once they've been thoroughly rocked off.

You could be alone, but it's better if you ain't. You don't wanna waste all that ridiculous dancing alone, do you?