Saturday, March 29, 2008

The dreaded day has finally arrived....

As some of my readers know, my mother in law was diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer. Of course this fact led to things getting a bit sparse around here. When my wife and I awoke the morning of March 28th 2008, we recieved the phone call that we'd been dreading.

On that morning the world lost Ms. Marie Louise Bortone of Watertown, MA.

From what I know she wasn't in any pain the night she passed. We were told that she went peacefully in her sleep. I suppose that must be the best way, right?

This morning, Mrs. Robot hopped on a plane to begin preparations for the wake and funeral. I'm once again holding down the homefront, miserable because I'm not with her. I know she'll be fine because she's one heck of a strong gal.

I encourage you folks to drop a kind word on the memorial page

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A review of The Raconteurs new album.

I found out about this record three days before the release date and became super pumped! Once I heard it though, I felt fooled. I listened to it about 20 more times and each time I found things I liked, but at the same time I was finding stuff that I didn’t.

The title track caused instant discomfort. I stood tough and let the song play through. By the end of the album I started to think about the individual members of the band. Where are the Greenhornes anyway?

I won’t say I hate this record. No…it’s too soon.
For now I’ll give it a fair shake for it to sink in, but upon first listen I wasn’t taken.

Not like I was when I heard DeStijl or If we can’t trust the Doctors.

I think Jack White’s a genius though. I’ll pretty much buy what he’s sellin’ all the time.

I played this for my wife and she asked me to stop. That never happens.

*There's no link to this because you should go out and buy new releases.

As a bonus, here's an exerpt from the 333 page book I'm writing called
Why Jack White and Greg Cartwright should collaborate. a record with Greg. It's time to go to a bar tonight.

UPDATE: Since the day of its release I have listened to this record six times. It is now June 14th. 2008. If it wasn't for "Many shades of black" this album would have disappointed me completely. Here's the video to a close to perfect little pop gem...

Update December 2009: Still sucks.

Update June 2010: Yuck.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here's the update. Also, here's some Misfits to continue this slow series.

To get the meat to you before I offer up the potatoes...

Here's an update on the wonderful real, non-internet world.

Mrs. Robot is still away. She's with her terminally ill mother in Watertown, MA. She's been away for over a week and kids, I gotta tell ya, I'm dying over here. Most husbands would be thrilled and invite every single beer-swilling bud they've got, but not me. No sir!
I wish she was here with her belly. Oh my goodness, have I even mentioned that I have gotten the love of my life knocked up? Oh yeah, she's a milk factory in the making.

We're having twin girls! So please, creepy dudes, stay away!
That being said, I think I've given you all of the personal info that I needed to today.

Please enjoy: The Misfits Box set #2

The Reigning Sound reign supreme!

Click here to fend off electrocution.

Hey kids! I'm sure I don't need to mention that the robot is pretty friggin' tanked right about now, so there ain't gonna be no fancy written words going on here tonight. Nah, tonight I just want you to become a fan of the Reigning Sound courtesy of their appearance at Goner Records in Memphis. I post a lot of Greg Cartwright related stuff because I believe in saving rock and roll because after all...there are ONLY two kinds of music, right?

I'm pretty pissed that when I finally found the chance to get over there, they were closed. Here's an idea spawned out of neccessity...24 hour record stores for freaks like me that avoid the daylight like a vampire who wants to ask a chick to get married later that evening.

Video of the week that was chosen because I am fucking drunk and need to rock right fuckin' now!!!

The Muldoons - Epic Battles

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Video of the Week!

Thee Shams - Not gonna make it

Von Bondies - Live at Paradiso!
I've seen these guys live and it was definitely a treat!

The Masonics
Click here for bangers.

The Masonics...blah blah...Wild Billy Childish...blah blah...rock and roll...blah blah...British...Mickey and Ludella...blah blah...Pop Rivets...blah blah...R&B...blah blah...Mickey Hampshire...blah blah...Bruce Brand...blah blah...garage...

...You see? It don't matter what I write here. The Masonics are pretty freakin' awesome.

Enjoy their self titled LP!

Iggy and the Stooges got raw power!

Click here for slightly used cow meat.

What the hell is in the water over there in Detroit? I mean, hell...that damn city has more rock and roll talent coming out of it than Afganistan has bootleg movies. The only reason I know about that is because I know a few Marines that swear by the Afgani street market shop. One of my buds bragged to me about how he picked up all the seasons of Arrested Development for like, five bucks.

Anyway, James N. Osterberg used to be in a band called The Iguanas. Later, he did some time in another outfit called The Prime Movers, where a few of the guys had taken to calling him Iggy because of his last band.

Pretty soon Iggy became an early version of the shock rocker variety we all love today. Sometimes he'd smear deadly, dangerous peanut butter all over himself. Other times he'd show off his genitals or maybe cut himself up. Needless to say, this type of behavior made him popular with parents back then. My buddy over at Tingie has a tattoo of Iggy on his inner thigh. Actually he doesn't, but he should. They both really love peanut butter.

Enjoy...Raw Power!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Danielson Famile is too cute!
Click here to hear the meowing cats.

In 2006 the head of the beast that is the Christian band The Danielson Famile released a solo album as Brother Danielson. It was called Ships. Right before the album came out he held a contest asking his fans to write a story using the suffix "ships" as many times as they could. When the contest first began, no one could figure out why such a contest was unleashed, nor did they have any clue what they would win. A few weeks passed and the prize/reason was announced Brother Daniel himself.
Through his readership, he was able to create many relationships that would bond him with his his fans even if they were suffering times of hardship.

Okay, I'm done. My lack of vocabulary words that end in ship has forced me to end this courtship. Tee hee...

The Misfits got me through high school.
Click here to go where eagles dare.

I remember when I was in the, oh I don't know...5th grade, maybe? I had a cream colored leather jacket that because of the color didn't scream "Beware! Dangerous punk guy coming!" All of the other rockers at school wore black motorcycle jackets with their Judas Priest t-shirts. Me on the other hand, I wore this light colored members only style leather and an athletic grey tee that said "Hitler's World Tour" complete with the dates and town names where he did his buisness. In hindsight, I was an idiot for wearing a Hitler shirt, but at the time when being a young punk meant pissing off everyone, this shirt definitely fit the bill. The only sad part was I didn't even know exactly what Nazi's were and I asked my mom to get me the shirt because I had seen the Swastika worn by some British punk bands I liked. Anyway, I remember going to school one day wearing this very un-tough cream jacket along with the Nazi shirt. Nobody said a thing. Not the teachers. Not the principle. Heck, not even the crossing guard! I was largely ignored until one day I recieved a sticker in the mail from a fan club. This wasn't your ordinary fan club. No sir, this sticker bore the logo of the Misfits Fiend Club. I was so happy to get this little gift and quickly peeled it off the backing and placed it smack on the chest of that boring old jacket. That sticker must've had some magical hatred dust on it because I went to school the next day and as soon as I walked into class the teacher laid eyes on me, called my name, and sent me to the principals office. The next thing I know, I'm surrounded by my teacher, the principal, and for some reason, the school nurse. All of them looking down at me with disdain. All of them shaking their heads. All of them silent. Silent until my teacher broke the deafening quiet and said "Why would you wear such a thing to school? Does your mother know you have this on today?"

I don't really remember my answer, but looking back, isn't it sad that a young boy could go to school wearing a Nazi shirt unnoticed, but the minute he wears a Misfits patch he's a condemned man?

I've always regretted the whole Nazi tee stupidity, but the Misfits are something that I'll never apologize for.