Sunday, June 24, 2007

Let's keep it fun for the workhorse.

Hello to all who read, bookmark, come upon this blog...

My name is Oh. robot. I like to provide music that you can use while drinking.
I only ask that you leave a comment so I can feel that you enjoy what I do and would like me to do more.

Per day, a bunch of people take, take, take....that's cool because I do it too, but I also leave at least a "thanks man" wherever I get tunes from.

There are good folks and bad folks....pick a side.

To everyone who actually left comments here...I love you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thee Shams - Mixed bag
Click here for entry into garageville.

Recommended for people who like rock n' roll...and the Greenhornes.

*This isn't an album, instead it's a bunch of songs from the band!

Young People - War Prayers
Click the above link to really understand Puerto Rican cooking.

Katie Eastburn is a dancer and one hell of a singer!
This album is a keeper because of it's bizarre fluidity.

This group is a fine example of how often incredible bands are overlooked.

White Magic.

Click here for discounts on Eye of Newt.

If you're in the mood for haunted house style vocals and sparse instrumentation, this is the album for you.

Grown from the same soil as the Casual Dots,
I present to you a full album and an ep.

Through the sun door & Songs of hurt and healing.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Moldy Peaches
Click here to have fun.
I kinda like full costumes.

Not all Dinosaurs are extinct, junior.
Click here to stay out later tonight.

I remember when this band came out. For a teenager with a silly hair these guys were incredible. The very end of the "you're living all over me" cassette had all this Lou Barlow craziness that bugged me out the first time I heard it. From that day they've become one of my favorite bands. Here's some Ear bleedin' country!

Buy their new album.

2 Star Tabernacle Live in Detroit 1998
Click here for more booze.

An awesome show featuring an early version of "Now Mary"

*There's no Mr. Williams this time. Instead you get Dan John Miller of Blanche and a young, but immensely talented Jackie White. This show was recorded at the legendary "Gold Dollar" in Detroit Michigan. Sadly this place doesn't exist anymore...
Many thanks to the original recorder!
Know your Detroit rock history!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Features have an exhibit today.
Click here for help with the skirts.

I can't tell you anything about this band except:
A. They are really good.
B. They are loud.
C. They are friends with the Kings of Leon.

The White Stripes - REDD blood cells
Click here to kick it old school.

The following comes from here:
In the summer of 2002, Steven came up with the idea to do an art experiment by adding bass tracks to 2 White Stripes songs and sharing them with Redd Kross fans via the internet. The overwhelmingly positive response inspired him to cover the entire "White Blood Cells" record. Word spread quickly over the internet and soon press such as Entertainment Weekly, Pitchfork Media, the NY Times, BB Gun to name but a few ran articles about "Redd Blood Cells."
Enjoy the goodness!

The White Stripes tribute to immigration

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Blanche are incredible.
Click here to become a ghost.

I am a really huge fan of this band because they somehow make a brand of music that seems old timey at the same time as sounding very today.

Led by Dan Miller, who at one time was the frontman in a Cow Punk band called Goober and the Peas, which also featured members of the Detroit Cobras and a little guy by the name of Jack White.

Today he, along with his wife Tracee, lead an incredibly tight band that has so much substance, all other bands should quit today.

Please enjoy "If we can't trust the doctors"

Please use your cash to buy product from Blanche.

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Cat Power's Myra Lee
Click here to kill Brit Brit.

Cat Power has come quite a long way from the on stage vomiting and cut short performances.

I'm not sure if this was ever released on vinyl, but it's the one my record player has been longing for.

Does anyone know why there is an ink stamp of Hello Kitty on the back cover of her first 7 inch?

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Guppyboy will not cause fights in Jeffersonville

Here is a nice treat for all of you if I may say so.

Earlier tonight, my lovely wife and her brother got into a fistfight with the bouncers at a Hollywood, California bar called "Citizen Smith"

The bouncer approached her brother and demanded that he finish his beer because they were closing...they actually close at 2:00AM, but the bouncer must've had a bad watch because it was only 1:28AM.

Wifey's brother told the bartender that he still had a half an hour to finish the beer that was just sold to him, but the bouncer didn't like what he heard and grabbed him, punched him, and was just about to do more until my wife, like Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, jumped off of a potted plant and jumped on his back.

The reason I wrote all of this is because I think that if that bouncer had a copy of this album, he would've handled his customers a little better.

Rose Melberg will cause nice dreams
Click the above link to speak to nature.

Admitedly, I'd never heard of Rose Melberg until one fateful night when I came across the wonderful site

Here I learned of one of the sweetest voices in twee/indie circles.

After that fateful night, I was devoted to Mrs. Melberg's soft songs and I went on a hunt to find more of these angelic sounds.

99% of the time, I download something and try hard to buy from the artist direct. In the case of Rose Melberg, I bought the limited vinyl release of "Cast away the clouds." (Only 450 copies worldwide)

Thanks to Bradleys Almanac I became musically smarter.

Visit his Boston based site and buy all Rose Melberg releases because she's not a stupid rock star. She's a normal gal...and that's a good thing.

Anyway, here she is live for your listening pleasure.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today is "Icky Thump in my opinion" day.

I heard the album Icky Thump at 4:30 in the morning and here is my opinion...

Thank God for 30 second Youtube clips because by the time the cd got to the song "I'm slowly turning into you" I felt this wave of mystery and figured that I have just heard ear massaging music from the future.
Upon first listen I am feeling so many things...
My first impression is how noticeable it is that Jack has abandoned the dirty sound of their first three albums.
There are times where you can spot a trace of the rawness...

"Little Cream Soda" was running around the backyard of the "Handsprings" 7" and that was refreshing White Stripes territory.

I wonder if Jack is still smoking? His voice is sounding nice and high again.
I can't figure out why Meg lives in Los Angeles? I saw her at Target and she seemed happy. I also saw Marcy Von Bondie lookin' trashed, leaning up against a payphone, but that's a differrent post altogether.

"Catch Hell Blues" is good. Period.

"Effect and Cause" is terrific. It sounds like what will be referred to twenty years from now as part of the "White Stripes country phase" Meg's drumming is perfectly timed and compliments the lo-fi backyard feel.

I like the album, but the high point of the listen was "CONQUEST"
(I put that in caps because this song is epic.)

I wish they'd release a 7" on red vinyl with a reworked version of "Broken Boy Soldier" and this song...

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Aislers Set. Their first record.
Click here for pop information.

Everything this band created was awesome. I can't figure out why there aren't anymore new records by them.

I wish Aislers Set and Des Roar
would put out a split 7"

Loretta Lynn was Patsy's best friend

Click here to go to Fist City.

So many wonderful things have been said about the incredible Ms. Lynn that anything that I type here would be redundant.

If there are any of you folks out there that have not seen the film "Coal Miner's Daughter" please get out there and get yourself a copy.

Don't you wish Van Lear Rose was out on vinyl?

PS. If you use this link on your blog, mention my blog. I HEART that stuff.

Patsy Cline was Loretta's best friend

Click here to do a mean two-step.

If you don't like country music this woman will do her best to be polite while changin' your mind.
This album is called "That wonderful someone"

Dr. Dog, you saved my baby!
Click here to live a fool's life.

If the Beatles, Beach Boys, and the Danielson Famile are the cats meow for's an Easy Beat.
I beg you to run out and purchase a physical copy of this because they need to know that people want more albums from them.

Morrissey has a mean left hook!
Click here to love being alone.

Here's an upbeat album from the Master of Mope....
I've followed this man's career since the first Smiths record and I must say, he's been consistent. In my opinion there really isn't an awful release from him.

This is his tough record.

Von Bondies Peel Sessions
Click here for clear skin.

Before getting punched in the face by Jack White, Jason Von Bondie and his gang made some excellent rock and roll music. After the punch...well, Pawn Shoppe Heart was an excellent record, but there's been too much of a hiatus from them. Anyway, enjoy this album.
*I did get to see them live and it may have been one of the top three finest shows I've gone to.
(Surprisingly, seeing the Dresden Dolls is up there too)

The Oblivians play 9 songs...
Click here to pee fire.

The Oblivians play 9 songs with Mr. Quintron is loud, fast, frantic, and just about everything nice you can say about a rock n' roll band!