Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cococoma & The Hipshakes split 7"

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"Alright kids, pack up all of yer dads Pabst and empty those piggy banks so I can get some smokes. We're goin' on a road trip! We can get some cheese burgers too. Uh, you know what? Just pack my beer and hand over any money you've got. I've gotta do this alone... fly solo. You'll understand when yer older and more smarter. Where's yer momma anyway? I guess it don't matter none. While I'm gone I want you to put on those fancy dancin' sneakers I got you last year and play some of my records. Got it? And hey... don't you little bastards touch my wristband collection. I know how many I've got."

The above text has nothing to do with this record, but I still want you to enjoy this release from Tic Tac Totally Records out of Chicago.

The A side features Cococoma doing "Never be true" and a really good version of the Hipshakes song "Brain numb"

The B side has got those English Hipshakes banging out "Hurt my pride" and a cover of Cococoma's "All I give"

Have a blast with these because I baked em' fresh off of my turntable for ya!

And for no good reason at all... a song I'm fond of.

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Thanks again!