Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Greg Cartwright post. Hooray!

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It's a well known fact that Greg Cartwright is my favorite musician. Tonight he brings it to ya like Elvis!! Watch out now!!

"Pretty baby" is a lonesome lady killer that I ripped off of the lone Greg Oblivian and The Tip Tops 7 inch that Sympathy put out years ago. I would've upped the B side too, but those songs are on the Head Shop album, which can be found somewhere around these parts... if you're looking right.

Next up we've got "I'll cry" b/w "Your love" These are different, more urgent versions than you're probably used to. Before you lay your head to bed tonight, make sure that you thank Slovenly Records for putting out this gem of a 45.

Lastly, but certainly not least...I lovingly deliver to you the very first Reigning Sound 7 inch, It's called Two sides to every man and has Mr. Oblivian putting his best Gene Clark forward on "Here without you." The B-side has the Cartwright original "West Texas Sound" and "Pretty Girl" which on the actual vinyl is credited as "Sha la la"

Here is the video shot by mtmillionaire. It's from the new album and it's called "If it's true"


Lars said...


TheeMidnightCreep said...

You fucking rock star you!!! Been huntin' the "Two sides" for a coon's age...Great posts!! I'd heard a version of West Texas Sound on the Deadly Snakes "I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore" album with Greg...Speaking of the Deadlies check this shit out
an absolutely unbelievable lineup...see you in Portland

Oh, robot said...

Sir! It is my my pleasure to have satisfied yer Rock n' Roll bloodlust on this day!

Now I am going down to the liquor store to purchase a bit of some old Black nightmare. I believe regular folks might call it whiskey nowadays!

Stay tuned for some record collection rips... and more sleaze!

Anonymous said...

Is there a password to open this? The file I downloaded wouldn't unzip!

Oh, robot said...

To anonymous: It appears that you need a rar unlocker. Google it! Be well ;)