Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Optiganally Yours: This may be the first time you hear about an Optigan.

Click here to forget you're yellow.

If it isn't, then you are aware of the coolness of one of those things. Whoever thought up the merging of a record player and a piano was a fucking genius.

Why not, right?

Look up what the Optigan can do!
Even if you don't appreciate the music, you should at least respect what these guys set out to do... and did.

*Mr. Wilson is awesome!

Please enjoy A spotlight on Optiganally Yours

By the way, the image above isn't the album cover. I just thought this one was cute. Doesn't she look like she'd have a few cats?

* I should add that there's nothing wrong with cats.. unless you prefer dogs which are far, far superior to felines. Hee hee.

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I'm sorry for shouting. I've been looking for this for years, ever since somebody broke into my van and stole my original copy. You just made my universe.