Saturday, July 10, 2010

Advice number 337

Own the room... or at least your own private part of it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Beef Bologna is serious business!

Here's the back story... I saw this whatever year it was released and must've instantly forgotten about it, but...

the song "beef bologna" somehow became embedded in my psyche im the absolute worst way. I could be at the dentist in 1989 and I was singing the tune... in line at the DMV and there I am... beef bologna. Until tonight, it never dawned on me that I live in a day and age where I could google shit up.

Since we're taking a trip down memory lane... Salvatore... I'm glad I launched you off of that porch and your face bled the whole way down you fuckin' bully piece of shit.

And since we're just sitting around talking... ladies of the world, please try to make your man feel loved and interesting. It really blows when everyone else can see it but you.

I'm always against the goddamned wall, but I'll make sure it never falls.

Sandwitches and sad cake

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People will say things like this band reminds them of Velvet Underground... 60's girl groups... and all other music journalist descriptionary laziness, but honestly, this is a pretty good album from a trio of bay area beauties. There isn't any ground being broken here, but it's a comfortable listen and hopefully listening to this will get you to support their future efforts.

One of the ladies in this band was once romantically linked to Tim Cohen of the Fresh & Onlys. That's probably good enough for most people right there...

The fiery tears of St. Laurent

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Oh, what's this? Another 7" release by everyones favorite Indian male? And he's brought a new friend along too? Well, sign me up!

Here's a nice little tribute to a man who decided not to turn away from Jesus... and paid the price. That took some balls dude. Balls. Not sure if it's true, but shooting stars are also known as the fiery tears of Saint Laurent. Nice.

Agent Ribbons and the star crossed doppelganger

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Not too long ago I enlightened a few folks by introducing them to Agent Ribbons, a band I learned about while trying to get Camera Obscura tickets. Well, it just so happened that Agent Ribbons was the opener for a lot of those shows.

Their debut record, "On time travel and romance" was an absolute gem from start to finish and still remains in VERY heavy rotation at Robot Manor. I hope that those friends of mine who heard it have gone out and gone to one of their shows and hopefully picked up some of their merch as well... they deserve it because they're a sweet bunch and they write fan-fucking-tastic songs!!!

Anyway, they've got a new record coming out soon called "Chateau Crone" and rumor has it that the vinyl is gonna be pretty nifty! Make sure you get out there and buy that or else I'll have to drop by your house... yeah, your house...

Sunday, July 4, 2010