Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vince Taylor is a jet black machine.

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Vince Taylor. Another barely out there rockabilly guy made this. It's a real treat for you young ladies.

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Rob said...

Thanks very much, it's great!

Oh, robot said...

No prob Rob! By the way thanks for being the only dude to say thanks.

To all you leechers: Follow Rob. He's a righteous dude!
He says thanks so he is now an Official Robot Bud!

Chamo said...


Anonymous said...

Hi !
Didn`t dl it, got it already, but your taste is worth a comment anytime !
Thank you & cheers-

el Charlot said...

Hey Robot, thanks cause Vince Taylor is a hard to find artist on the internet planet ! So hard that I cant download your link, 't says the server is dead :)

bastien said...

Thanks a lot Robot!

SamuelSham said...

Taylor is definitely a jet black machine! Thanks!