Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Cobras - Your Love 7"

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Attention: These cobras are not from Detroit.

Every once in a while I sift through my record collection and find a 45 that I can't recall how it got there. I pick and pick and pick my brain until I throw my hands in the air in defeat.

After this has happened so many times I've come to the conclusion that I either have a brain disorder where memories disintegrate and I only have 13 minutes to live or there is a Rock N' Roll record fairy that flies through your window at night to give all the hep cats great little garage records like this.

Honestly, you can't get drunk when you're dead, so for the sake of living life I'm going to stick with the more magical of my suspicions.

Originally released in 1966 by Big beat Records... please enjoy

The Cobras "I wanna be your love" b/w "Instant heartache"

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Anonymous said...

I sang backup on this record.The band leader was my husband, Gary Leavitt.