Saturday, September 5, 2009

Demon's Claws will cut your ugly face

Click here for a small serving of Stork Chops

How's that for a scary title, huh? No? Anyway, these Canadian boys are a fucking cannonball of Rock n' Roll, Country, and good old fashioned punk. I love that.

I can't find a picture of this record that I like so I figured I'd draw alternate covers.

Whenever I hear this band I assume that the recordings took place at a time where all people involved with the band were really drunk, but were committed to recording a song that evening. I love that too.

I ripped these off of my turntable.

First up is the "Hooked on Ketamine" 7 inch with a loving little B-Side called "Always be my friend" and then from the always awesome Norton label, they cover "Factory Girl" by The Rolling Stones.

I hope that you enjoy the Rock that I bestow upon you this good night.


Dgrador said...

F*ck yeah.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!