Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sleazy like Sunday morning! #2 in my paperback porn series.

He had her by the wrists this time. As she lay there beneath his weight, she knew that there would be no escaping him tonight. She didn't want to. Tonight was exactly what she needed after a long and terrible week. As his hands tightened their grip on her, she writhed below him thrusting her pelvis forward to meet his rugged advance. She turned onto her stomach at his will and command. She didn't mind. His warm breath was sweet against the back of her perfumed neck. He traded licks for bites and back again and sucked her skin with a deafening and delicate force. She felt a warm wave splash over her leaving her wetter by the second. He turned her around again. She looked up at his body, studying his tattoos. In a fever he tore off her skirt. His hands like knives shaving the fabric from her skin. She wasn't wearing panties tonight. She could sense that her inner thighs were completely drenched at this point. His warm hand slid up her leg and when he softly stuck two fingers into her wanting pussy, her moans became the fuel for a long ride. Frantically, she tugged at his belt until the brass threatened to snap. Finally, his trousers down, she could reciprocate much to his delight. She wrapped her hand around his prick and gave it a series of pulls. She could feel the blood rushing through his dick as she squeezed it harder and harder. He was excited and he could feel his cum dying to burst out, but tonight was special. Tonight she'll be fucked by no lesser than the Devil himself.

He urged her off of the bed and she followed him toward the balcony. It was there where he'd ultimately take her. As the wind blew, goosebumps covered her arms. He grabbed her and faced her against the ledge. The city was so beautiful. HIgh above the honking of cabs he rammed himself into her with wild abandon. He could contain himself no longer. He thrashed about her insides while she listened to his measured breaths. That's what turned her on the most; the sound of a man fucking her. She braced herself against the railing as he bashed her from behind. A good while later he pulled away and headed back into the bedroom. Out of breath, she stood and made her way back into his arms. As their bodies crashed, he took in a a good whiff of her hair. It was clean and only served to increase his desires. He sat at the foot of the bed and beckoned her to stand before him. He grabbed her breasts with both hands while his mouth found its target at their very tips. His tongue expertly swabbed her taut nipples, his saliva like a sheet of ice against her boiling flesh. He reached around and took hold of her ass. It was firm, perfect, and begging to be kissed. He spun her so that he could admire the softness of her derriere. He traced her spine with his tongue while running his fingertips gently down her arms. Her body shuddered and she let out a soft moan. As he ran his hands up her thighs she stood with her legs further apart, giving him a glimpse at her sopping vagina. "Oh, how pretty it was" he thought. Seizing the opportunity he bent her at the waist and began to lick her pussy. She grabbed his hair and pressed herself against his mouth. Her hips moved inwards and outwards against his probing tongue. He then turned his attention upward and slid his wet bottom lip against her naughtier hole. She did not protest. Taking this as a cue he began to dart his tongue in and out of her asshole until it began to pucker in anticipation. She was turned on. She wanted more. He stood and held her by the waist. She remained bent over because she knew what was to come. She knew what present she would be given on this night. With a pop, his dick was thrust into her tight ass. It was obvious that she hadn't much experience with this degree of sex. He spared her none. His hips smashing against the reddened flesh of her bottom sounded like someone was clapping in the room. She could feel his fingers digging increasingly deeper into the hook of her pelvis, drawing her in as if being reeled in by a trapper. The sweat dripping off of their bodies drenched the sheet around them. They didn't notice. When he pulled out of her, she exhaled intently as if relieved to have been freed of his appendage, but actually she was relieved that he would continue having his way with her.

He swung his arm around her and laid her on her side. With a quick spreading of her legs he was at it again. Her pussy was so wet it was as if his cock was being sucked into her. Again, he proceeded to fuck her expertly, at times pulling all the way out only to tease its way back inside. By now she was completely on fire. She could not believe the plowing she was being given by this man who clearly intended for her to stay in bed the entire next day with a throbbing pussy and a full heart. Finally it was time for him to finish. he took his cock from her and squeezed it for a moment before she turned and filled her mouth with it. Her talent did not fall by the wayside here. As she playfully licked, sucked, and jerked his cock she knew that he could not hold on much longer. She couldn't wait to taste him. After all she wouldn't feel right if he went home without cumming after he had given her several violent orgasms throughout their romp. With one hand firmly grabbing his shaft she turned her attention to his balls. She placed them both in her mouth and massaged them with her tongue. Her hand job became faster and she could both see and feel his prick beginning to expand and become a purplish red at the tip. She looked up at him and smiled before jamming his dick back into her warm mouth. She closed her eyes as her mouth filled with his salted ejaculate. It was a taste she liked. His knees buckled slightly as his body went limp. His moan, loud enough to be heard from the hall, assured her that it was a job well done. She looked up at him again, but his head was tilted back toward the ceiling and his eyes were closed. After swallowing every last bit of him she stood and leaned forward. Her arms draped around his waist and her head pressed against his chest, she knew he would be leaving soon. She closed her eyes as her breath slowed to a more relaxed pace and savored how wonderful a time they had just given each other. It would be a long time before they'd have the chance to do this again and she already had pity for any other lovers she may take until they meet again. Surely no one could fuck her as hard or as good as she had just experienced. They pulled away from each other and she made her way to the bathroom, leaving him naked at the edge of the bed. She knew that he wouldn't be there when she came out. She knew that she wouldn't hear the door close behind him. It was always that way. This time would be no different.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sad Whale

Rocket 455 - Bum Ticker 7"

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I'm not saying that I think this record is good. This is strictly for super fans and completists.

I don't like this at all, but the cover art makes this the best 7 inch cover I've ever seen.

Kurt Russell sings!

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When he played Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China, he was a wisecracking, tough guy with a heart of gold. In Death Proof, as Stuntman Mike McKay, he was a fucking murderous badass. It's debatable if he can be considered a good or a bad driver because you could say that if he was a "good" driver if you wouldn't have to die every time you got into his car. But... tonight my friends, oh yes tonight...

...tonight you're getting the bubbleyum from a young Kurt Russell.
60's tunes for youth in bloom. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

The Headstones

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Here's a vinyl rip from one of those nifty little Sundazed singles. This time you get The Headstones doing what pretty much every other 1960's garage band was doing... rocking the fuck out!

The A side is called 24 hours
The B side is called Bad Day Blues, which by the way will make you feel happy instead.

White Stripes Universal Buzz Studios 9/21/2000
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I've seen these guys live a bunch of times and the feeling I got from all the shows was one of awesomeness. I wasn't in attendance for this one though. Aw shucks! Anyway, this show is pretty good except for some clicks and pops from the vinyl, but I'm sure you'll get past that pretty quickly.

Enjoy The White Stripes Live at Universal Buzz Studios in Rochester, NY

PS. I wish I could remember where I got this record because I'd seriously travel back in time and beat the piss out of whoever sold it to me and said it was "mint". Bitch.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Black Sunday is serious business!

A bomb threat can seriously fuck up your decision to go get a slice of pizza. And that only happens once.

We can fight or we can fuck. Volume 1

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Hello everybody. It's a cool and breezy 71 degrees here in Los Angeles. I'm feeling pretty good because I usually overheat for at least twelve of the twenty four hours in a day. I tell ya... it's like some voodoo witch put a curse on my mother's mother or something. The way I see it, someone somewhere in my bloodline did something so fucking stupid that it caused some black magic motherfucker to hold a voodoo doll over an open flame. As a result, I find myself wishing that I could just turn into a ball of fire or maybe shoot magma out of my hands. Instead, I just remain at such a warm temperature that I'm sure I could certainly warm a frostbite victim if I happened to be out and about and came across one. Maybe it's because I have to wear a suit all day. Not just any suit either. This is a special suit made from only the finest burlap and the lining is made from chewbacca fur. Actually it isn't. It's really just a thick, black and supposedly " police grade" sport coat. Now I understand why Crocket and Tubbs wore those flimsy little linen numbers. Beat the heat, right? Whatever... I just hate the fuckin' summer. I love the snow and I wish there were more of it out here, but I couldn't live in one of those "ski towns." I'd go nuts. I'd probably puke into my scarf if I had to look at people in ski pants all damn day. Earmuffs for eyepatches, you know?

Man, I sure can get into some ramblin' can't I?

I know it's been a while since my last message out, but I'm sure we'll all still be friends. After all, how am I gonna get home?

I wanna tell you that I've been out rockin' and rollin' all over town, gettin' into some flick knife fights after I suspected a cheater of cheatin' at a game of pinball, and doin' some other dirt that I couldn't even tell you about, but the truth is that I've just been busting my ass at work and trying to raise a family. It's no small job. I'm plum tuckered out.

I broke a guitar string about an hour ago. I was trying to play "Stormy weather" and the shit just popped out. It didn't even snap. It kind of "jumped" off the guitar as if it was trying to get away. All I could do was laugh. Come to think about it, laughing is all I do. I'm not sure when the last time was that I actually took something serious. I'm not concerned. It's more than a phase though.

Okay, enough of that for now.

I haven't posted any albums for a while because I've just been listening to stuff a lot more these days. That said, I want to share with you today. Please enjoy a collection of beautiful tunes made for beautiful goons.

It's called " We can fuck or we can fight Volume 1." and is certifiably guaranteed to shake your ass across your momma's rug!

Track list in the comments!