Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre black eye and post black eye Von Bondies 7"s

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I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was the early part of the millennium and Detroit was the haven of all things Rock N' Roll (again.) There were tons of bands busting their asses and playing all the local bars in downtown Detroit. Then, all of a sudden a little band called the White Stripes managed to poke it's head out of the car factory exhaust coming from the smokestacks.

In a flash people started taking notice and for a little while, Detroit was the most famous Rock n' Roll town on the map. At the head of the pack were Jack and Meg White. These two were turning heads, so naturally the next logical step for their fans was to find out who their friends were. Thus began the spotlight on Michigan's dirty rock scene.

Seemingly overnight, journalists from all around the world took to their computers and began to herald that little blue collar town and with it they suggested that we notice of all of the other bands creating that glorious racket in all the local dives.

Among these bands were the Von Bondies. Fronted by Jason Stollsteimer, they were the understudies in a scene where the booze was flowing wildly and the tapers were out there tapin'. Rock N' Roll was on the rise and finally the kids of the world were "gettin" it.

Then, the leaders of the pack; The White Stripes, started getting a great deal of attention. All of a sudden it didn't matter that Jack White was out there spreading the good word of real rock n' roll because he was "famous" now and wasn't "real" anymore. Jealousy reared its ugly mug in a small town city. Ultimately the fellow in the pic above was beaten to a pulp at a Blanche record release party by Jack White himself. That particular event garnered the Von Bondies more attention from the press than any of their albums. Since then their music and songwriting has suffered. Have you heard their latest record? Ouch. I though it was The Killers.


before all of that nonsense, pure and amazing records like this were getting made. Thank God.

First up it's "Nite Train" b/w "Goin' down" (D Wrecked Hit Records DET 001)

These are the original 1st. 7" versions because my record player told me I should feed you guys.

Your other audible good time is coming off of the "Tell me what you see" single with its B-side "Suzie"

To me it's mediocre.

It's fuckin' crazy how getting punched in the face could totally change your approach to musicianship. Most people only have to complain about a black eye.

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