Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ty Segall & Thee Oh Sees split 7"

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When I first heard Ty Segall I was immediately hooked on his tunes. I listened to "Don't do it" off of his self titled album and caught a chilly ass wave that totally reminded me of Jack White when he was at his best; singing "Let's shake hands" which by the way is my favorite song ever!

This kid has got it down and he has no shame in showing off what he knows. I've purchased all of his other stuff and so should you. Do not delay either. It's called a record store. After pushing their door open, you can enter and actually purchase these strange plastic discs and use them to get sound in your home. I know! Crazy!

The other band on this 7 inch is called Thee Oh Sees. Absolutely great shit here, man. For this record they've swapped material and both sides are liable to make you cut a rug all night. Don't worry... there's gonna be chicks there.

Ty Segall - Maria Stacks (Thee Oh Sees cover)
Thee Oh Sees - The Drag ( Ty Segall cover)

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