Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Danielson Famile is too cute!
Click here to hear the meowing cats.

In 2006 the head of the beast that is the Christian band The Danielson Famile released a solo album as Brother Danielson. It was called Ships. Right before the album came out he held a contest asking his fans to write a story using the suffix "ships" as many times as they could. When the contest first began, no one could figure out why such a contest was unleashed, nor did they have any clue what they would win. A few weeks passed and the prize/reason was announced Brother Daniel himself.
Through his readership, he was able to create many relationships that would bond him with his his fans even if they were suffering times of hardship.

Okay, I'm done. My lack of vocabulary words that end in ship has forced me to end this courtship. Tee hee...

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