Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Reigning Sound reign supreme!

Click here to fend off electrocution.

Hey kids! I'm sure I don't need to mention that the robot is pretty friggin' tanked right about now, so there ain't gonna be no fancy written words going on here tonight. Nah, tonight I just want you to become a fan of the Reigning Sound courtesy of their appearance at Goner Records in Memphis. I post a lot of Greg Cartwright related stuff because I believe in saving rock and roll because after all...there are ONLY two kinds of music, right?

I'm pretty pissed that when I finally found the chance to get over there, they were closed. Here's an idea spawned out of neccessity...24 hour record stores for freaks like me that avoid the daylight like a vampire who wants to ask a chick to get married later that evening.


Cangrejero said...

I generally don't buy live albums, but I love the Reigning Sound's "Live at Goner Records." It is much better than the other live album they put out. Someone told me they're releasing a new album this year, but I can't find any info on it.

Oh, robot said...

Oh yeah, a new record is coming, but they're all hush hush about it.

Todd said...

Thanks for making this available! I took a look at what is happening here, and I'll be checking in every day!

limburg said...

Great Band and great post

el feder said...

a fuckin great band!!!

i cant found "house for orphans" and the first album
did you have it?

youre blog is great!!

Oh, robot said...

I do, but it would be better if you purchased it here

Anonymous said...

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