Saturday, March 29, 2008

The dreaded day has finally arrived....

As some of my readers know, my mother in law was diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer. Of course this fact led to things getting a bit sparse around here. When my wife and I awoke the morning of March 28th 2008, we recieved the phone call that we'd been dreading.

On that morning the world lost Ms. Marie Louise Bortone of Watertown, MA.

From what I know she wasn't in any pain the night she passed. We were told that she went peacefully in her sleep. I suppose that must be the best way, right?

This morning, Mrs. Robot hopped on a plane to begin preparations for the wake and funeral. I'm once again holding down the homefront, miserable because I'm not with her. I know she'll be fine because she's one heck of a strong gal.

I encourage you folks to drop a kind word on the memorial page

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