Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Misfits got me through high school.
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I remember when I was in the, oh I don't know...5th grade, maybe? I had a cream colored leather jacket that because of the color didn't scream "Beware! Dangerous punk guy coming!" All of the other rockers at school wore black motorcycle jackets with their Judas Priest t-shirts. Me on the other hand, I wore this light colored members only style leather and an athletic grey tee that said "Hitler's World Tour" complete with the dates and town names where he did his buisness. In hindsight, I was an idiot for wearing a Hitler shirt, but at the time when being a young punk meant pissing off everyone, this shirt definitely fit the bill. The only sad part was I didn't even know exactly what Nazi's were and I asked my mom to get me the shirt because I had seen the Swastika worn by some British punk bands I liked. Anyway, I remember going to school one day wearing this very un-tough cream jacket along with the Nazi shirt. Nobody said a thing. Not the teachers. Not the principle. Heck, not even the crossing guard! I was largely ignored until one day I recieved a sticker in the mail from a fan club. This wasn't your ordinary fan club. No sir, this sticker bore the logo of the Misfits Fiend Club. I was so happy to get this little gift and quickly peeled it off the backing and placed it smack on the chest of that boring old jacket. That sticker must've had some magical hatred dust on it because I went to school the next day and as soon as I walked into class the teacher laid eyes on me, called my name, and sent me to the principals office. The next thing I know, I'm surrounded by my teacher, the principal, and for some reason, the school nurse. All of them looking down at me with disdain. All of them shaking their heads. All of them silent. Silent until my teacher broke the deafening quiet and said "Why would you wear such a thing to school? Does your mother know you have this on today?"

I don't really remember my answer, but looking back, isn't it sad that a young boy could go to school wearing a Nazi shirt unnoticed, but the minute he wears a Misfits patch he's a condemned man?

I've always regretted the whole Nazi tee stupidity, but the Misfits are something that I'll never apologize for.