Thursday, March 27, 2008

A review of The Raconteurs new album.

I found out about this record three days before the release date and became super pumped! Once I heard it though, I felt fooled. I listened to it about 20 more times and each time I found things I liked, but at the same time I was finding stuff that I didn’t.

The title track caused instant discomfort. I stood tough and let the song play through. By the end of the album I started to think about the individual members of the band. Where are the Greenhornes anyway?

I won’t say I hate this record. No…it’s too soon.
For now I’ll give it a fair shake for it to sink in, but upon first listen I wasn’t taken.

Not like I was when I heard DeStijl or If we can’t trust the Doctors.

I think Jack White’s a genius though. I’ll pretty much buy what he’s sellin’ all the time.

I played this for my wife and she asked me to stop. That never happens.

*There's no link to this because you should go out and buy new releases.

As a bonus, here's an exerpt from the 333 page book I'm writing called
Why Jack White and Greg Cartwright should collaborate. a record with Greg. It's time to go to a bar tonight.

UPDATE: Since the day of its release I have listened to this record six times. It is now June 14th. 2008. If it wasn't for "Many shades of black" this album would have disappointed me completely. Here's the video to a close to perfect little pop gem...

Update December 2009: Still sucks.

Update June 2010: Yuck.


Jon. said...

hmn they have a new album1?! didnt even know about it.. maybe because the raconteurs 1 studio album was a disapointment to me... since i heard it my love for The White Stripes/The Greenhorne's(never listened to brendon benson before that) music has not been the same... i dont know, it wasnt bad, i guess i was just expecting too much maybe

Oh, robot said...

It's now November 12th 2008 and I STILL think this record blows. Get the fuck out of Nashville! You're forgetting how to rock.