Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here's the update. Also, here's some Misfits to continue this slow series.

To get the meat to you before I offer up the potatoes...

Here's an update on the wonderful real, non-internet world.

Mrs. Robot is still away. She's with her terminally ill mother in Watertown, MA. She's been away for over a week and kids, I gotta tell ya, I'm dying over here. Most husbands would be thrilled and invite every single beer-swilling bud they've got, but not me. No sir!
I wish she was here with her belly. Oh my goodness, have I even mentioned that I have gotten the love of my life knocked up? Oh yeah, she's a milk factory in the making.

We're having twin girls! So please, creepy dudes, stay away!
That being said, I think I've given you all of the personal info that I needed to today.

Please enjoy: The Misfits Box set #2


Liz said...

dude, she's as big as a house, and getting bigger!

also, i'm (hopefully one day) a cousin-in-law of andrea (i bought her all the nice big-as-a-house preggo clothes).

its so miserable that i met her under the circumstances, but hopefully i'll get to meet you too. we're all taking good care of her up here.

Oh, robot said...

I'm glad to hear that. Thanks. I miss her so!