Monday, June 11, 2007

Not all Dinosaurs are extinct, junior.
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I remember when this band came out. For a teenager with a silly hair these guys were incredible. The very end of the "you're living all over me" cassette had all this Lou Barlow craziness that bugged me out the first time I heard it. From that day they've become one of my favorite bands. Here's some Ear bleedin' country!

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robp said...

I was living in a shared house cranking either You're Living All Over Me or Bug, one of the really grungy songs just blasting, when one of my housemates, a cool guy with generally good taste in music, said this was "execrable." Which might've been a good album title if it was easier to pronounce.

Thanks for this. On one of your posts you asked who the best modern era guitarist is (it was a Black Keys post, you nominated Dan Auerbach behind Jack White, I'd throw Josh Homme into that group), and J Mascis is definitely a candidate. Ear bleeding volume the time I saw them live, and amazing musicianship. Helluva songwriter too, especially on the rockers.