Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today is "Icky Thump in my opinion" day.

I heard the album Icky Thump at 4:30 in the morning and here is my opinion...

Thank God for 30 second Youtube clips because by the time the cd got to the song "I'm slowly turning into you" I felt this wave of mystery and figured that I have just heard ear massaging music from the future.
Upon first listen I am feeling so many things...
My first impression is how noticeable it is that Jack has abandoned the dirty sound of their first three albums.
There are times where you can spot a trace of the rawness...

"Little Cream Soda" was running around the backyard of the "Handsprings" 7" and that was refreshing White Stripes territory.

I wonder if Jack is still smoking? His voice is sounding nice and high again.
I can't figure out why Meg lives in Los Angeles? I saw her at Target and she seemed happy. I also saw Marcy Von Bondie lookin' trashed, leaning up against a payphone, but that's a differrent post altogether.

"Catch Hell Blues" is good. Period.

"Effect and Cause" is terrific. It sounds like what will be referred to twenty years from now as part of the "White Stripes country phase" Meg's drumming is perfectly timed and compliments the lo-fi backyard feel.

I like the album, but the high point of the listen was "CONQUEST"
(I put that in caps because this song is epic.)

I wish they'd release a 7" on red vinyl with a reworked version of "Broken Boy Soldier" and this song...

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