Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rose Melberg will cause nice dreams
Click the above link to speak to nature.

Admitedly, I'd never heard of Rose Melberg until one fateful night when I came across the wonderful site

Here I learned of one of the sweetest voices in twee/indie circles.

After that fateful night, I was devoted to Mrs. Melberg's soft songs and I went on a hunt to find more of these angelic sounds.

99% of the time, I download something and try hard to buy from the artist direct. In the case of Rose Melberg, I bought the limited vinyl release of "Cast away the clouds." (Only 450 copies worldwide)

Thanks to Bradleys Almanac I became musically smarter.

Visit his Boston based site and buy all Rose Melberg releases because she's not a stupid rock star. She's a normal gal...and that's a good thing.

Anyway, here she is live for your listening pleasure.

PS. If you use the link, mention Oh, robot. Thanks cutie!

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L said...

Rose and Rosie Thomas and Julie Doiron and others - powerfully quiet music. Another great choice of artist.