Friday, June 1, 2007

Von Bondies Peel Sessions
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Before getting punched in the face by Jack White, Jason Von Bondie and his gang made some excellent rock and roll music. After the punch...well, Pawn Shoppe Heart was an excellent record, but there's been too much of a hiatus from them. Anyway, enjoy this album.
*I did get to see them live and it may have been one of the top three finest shows I've gone to.
(Surprisingly, seeing the Dresden Dolls is up there too)


Peanut's said...

Thanks for this my friend!

Unfairly judged these Bondies, mostly because of that row the singer had with Jack White a few years ago. I played both their albums A LOT a while nback. Good stuff for anyone with a love for garage-style raw rock.

Looking forward to hearing these Peels... :D

Oh, robot said...

Let's keep it rockin'