Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thee Oh Sees Live!

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Courtesy of the technologically advanced, fine fellows over at NYC Taper, you now have the chance to hear a fantastic quality show by San Fran's favorite rockers. There isn't much else to say here because if you're here to begin with then you already know the deal. There are a few songs from the upcoming Warm Slime record too.

By the way, you should visit the NYC Taper site for loads of gems, but make sure you ask permission to redistribute because you don't want to be like me and get in trouble. Then, all of a sudden you'll start hanging around the wrong crowd, wearing leather, spitting at mirrors, and breaking pinball machines with your fists.

Again...NYC Taper I'm sorry I didn't follow the rules. Let's be friends. With the exception of my penchant for riding my bike inside of peoples apartments I'm a swell guy.


nyctaper said...

If you're going to borrow our content without asking, at least you post a link to my site.

Oh, robot said...

Wow man...blogger was acting a little buggy this morning so the html wasn't making the link back to your site as I had planned.

I downloaded the show from your site and after a few listens I uploaded it as a new file.

I think I gave substantial props to your site in my post as well.

Thanks for taping the show and getting such a high quality download up on the internet.

It's all fixed now. Let's eat!

Le Ladies said...

is this the part when everyone stops fighting and starts making out?

Oh, robot said...

Fuck yeah!

Tim said...

thank you both!

tho, nyc taper's all, "don't steal my stolen." and thee oh see's are all, "we only played this show for the cream. $."

Billy said...

Hey Tim...I'm not NYCTaper but I do frequent his site. And it's NOT stolen. He gets permission from every band he tapes to tape the show and offer them for download. So, no, nothing is stolen. He just wants credit for what he does, and doesn't want any bands to get pissed at him for allowing others to share the content that he agreed would only be available on his site.

Now let's fuck.

TheeMidnightCreep said...

Me so horny now...check out the outstanding Black Lips post while you're at nytaper...goood eatin!!!
Also found these 2 blogs that have fan-fuckin'-tastic content that might be up your alley
now...git ta fuckin'

Maurice said...

Thanks to everyone involved in getting this recording to my ears. Thank you very, very much.

I wish you all great fortune.