Saturday, March 27, 2010


Click here for that sock to magically appear.

The husband and wife in this band live in Chicago. They enjoy quality Rock N' Roll. They started a record label called Trouble In Mind that has put out 7" records by Ty Segall, Fresh & Onlys, and Sonic Chicken 4.

If you're married, what did you do today? Take out the family dog to pee? Jesus, you're such an underachiever. Damn.


Le Ladies said...

TTT also puts out Le Face. And for the last time OhRobot, Le Ladies do not put out.

Anonymous said...

year, please?

Garageland said...

thanks for upload, great band love them!!! best wishes from the garage

Anonymous said...

MAN OH MAN do i love Cococoma.

I don't suppose you have "Things Are Not Alright" or "Spectrum Of Sounds" ? (hint hint) :>)