Saturday, March 27, 2010

Belle & Sebastian think you walk as a peasant does.

Click here to follow the bus happily.

When this record first surfaced, I was living in New York. It was an early time and I had just taken the hand of a fair maiden. Life was good and then on one fateful day, I picked this record up at a place called Other Music. After getting it home and playing it in full for the fair maiden mentioned above, it was obvious that this would remain in heavy rotation. Years later this same sentiment still rings true.

Here's the video for the song "I fought in a war."

Before you press play, you must realize that this isn't just any ordinary piece of music. This is actually a rare instance of pure, expertly played material. You have to be open to it if this is your first listen and for God's sake, please be ready to take in the little things...

You should notice how when Stuart Murdoch first opens his mouth to sing, there isn't so much as a peep from the thousands strong audience after an initial whoop and holler. A rare feat indeed. It's like an angel opened it's mouth.

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