Monday, March 15, 2010

Des Roar - Mad Things

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I've written about this band a dozen times since starting this blog. Coincidentally, I've drank about one hundred bottles of cheap liquor. The total is probably way more, but tonight I'm inclined to be modest. I could sit here and tell you that this is the greatest band in the world. I could also confess that each bottle has been a 1.75 liter, but I won't. I'm not here to bullshit you. I'm an honest man when it comes to this sort of thing. It's the only way to be. The truth is what I'm tellin' and I ain't tellin' no lie.

Des Roar makes the kind of music that makes people drink and have a good time. Whether you're fucking, fighting, kissing, or playing pinball. Whatever you wanna do, baby... it's fine. This shit is pretty good... where'd you get it?

In a time where so many bands are being "different" it's refreshing to hear a group that is delivering straightforward Rock n' Roll. It's all guitar and drums here folks. There's even a few boy/ girl harmonies thrown in. The handclaps are free too. Grab your beers. Get your boards. Call that chick and set up some bang time. This is the record that'll get you by tonight. It's right.

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