Sunday, December 27, 2009

The times, they are a changin'
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In 1964 Bob Dylan released this record. If you aren't a fan, then this album sounds like his 3000 other ones. If you are a fan... well, this album sounds just like his 3000 other ones. (Accurate)

That ain't a bad thing.

When I hear this record I imagine laying on the hood of a truck beneath a moonlit sky somewhere in the midwest. There would be an empty bottle of whiskey on the ground near the front tire. Don't feel sad because it's empty... I've got a flask.


Anonymous said...

YES. THATS RIGHT....Sending you some love from the midwest. =)

Oh, robot said...

Thanks for stopping by. You must be freezing out there. There will be more to come.


Anonymous said...

Stellar choice sir! Doubt I'd be out tonight on that truck hood at 8 deg F! Great thought after an Iowa Hawkeye football game on a October eve.

Oh, robot said...

^ That's what the flask is for... restoring body heat. Hee hee.