Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My first Christmas Card!

Thanks Lisa! Tell the boys I hope they all get a little more than coal this year. Also, I have no phone right now. The devil ate it :(

*Update 12/26/09: Correction-my only Christmas card.


Oh, robot said...

You know what sucks the most?
This is the only god damned christmas card I got... so thanks you to Lisa Thi Beskar for being thoughtful. All of you other rascals just walk on by unaware that there is a man with a heart that beats.

Ha ha.

Seriously though, LIsa... you the bomb.

Lisa Thi said...

Wow, I'm 8 months late on this one. Came across this when I was googling spoto. yes, i was googling him, but only because i was looking for some old photos i shot of him to make a birthday card out of. haha. i should read your blog more often. good stuff eriche. cheers! LT