Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fresh & Onlys and me.

I 'd like to start off this post by giving a great, big thank you to Tim Cohen of San Francisco dark psyche purveyors of garage gloom; The Fresh & Onlys. I had the chance to meet him and guitarist Wymond Miles earlier tonight at this place called the 5 Stars Bar in downtown LA. They were there sharing the bill with the Tijuana Tigers, Cobalt Cranes, and Woven Bones for only eight bucks! It was like a dream come true except...

...I never got to see any of those bands play. I originally thought the F&Os were going to play at 8PM as their myspace indicated, but as it turned out, they were the last ones to play somewhere in the neighborhood of 12:30AM. I was then faced with a difficult decision...

... go in, have a bunch of drinks , see some rad bands, and buy a couple of records, but not have any clue as to how I was gonna get home because the train was going to stop running at the same time the F&Os were going on - or - play it safe and respectfully bow out of what can only be described as an awesome night ahead?

Los Angeles Metro... if you're listening... can you please start running your trains on a 24 hour schedule from now on? Because of your shitty hours, I probably missed the greatest show of the year.

I ended up deciding to turn around and regretfully go home. Then, all of a sudden, a large, white SUV pulled up and there goes the Fresh & Onlys hopping out of it. Part of me was a tad star struck (in a real slacker, unexcited way), but the other part of me had the excitement of an Ohio housewife readying herself to begin tossing her panties at Tom Jones.

I walked up to the car as they were all getting out and introduced myself to the lead singer, Tim. He was friendly as hell and apologetic for their error regarding the time of the show. We talked about a bunch of other shit too. He introduced me to Wymond and asked him to go and get me something. I wasn't sure what he said, but I was a little excited about it.

About ten minutes or so later, out comes Tim Cohen holding a 7" record. He walked over and handed it to me. We talked a little bit more and we agreed that I'll definitely be there when they come back to town in March or April. After a handshake we said our goodbyes.

Honestly, I've met a lot of folks in my day, but these guys are definitely top of the pile friendly. Unless they suddenly decide to switch their style to European techno, they'll always have a fan in me.

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Anonymous said...

That was one of the funnest shows! All of the bands ruled!