Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mississippi John Hurt

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Everybody has their favorite blues guy. Some folks like a mean and gruff sounding screamer while others enjoy those honey sweet voices that seem to replicate morning sunbeams shining through the dirty glass windows of a mountain cabin. I am both types of people when it comes to the blues.

Mississippi John Hurt is the complete opposite of let's say... Son House. To quote a comment I read on somebody's Youtube page "His voice is so clean and clear that you could drink it."

Honestly, I couldn't agree more if there were two guys in my house pointing guns in my face, holding my family captive, and running my hot water until it ran cold.

Please enjoy Avalon Blues: The complete* 1928 Okeh recordings.

* For some reason, the 13th track "Spike Driver Blues" wouldn't transfer after multiple tries. Happy hunting elsewhere if you want it. Sorry.

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