Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nina Simone

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I leaned about Nina Simone when I was pretty young. I was working in a video store that only carried foreign films and I spent most of my days watching and recommending movies to people who almost exclusively wore little round glasses and thin, little pinky rings.

My boss at the time, a little Spanish old man that looked like the old version of
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was friends with a guy that could be described closest by showing you a picture of
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They were lovers. They were longtime companions. Although they tried to pretend that they just gave off a "European, hip intellectual" vibe, they instead came off as two old gay dudes that looked silly trying to conceal who they were. They were nice guys to work for.

Anyway, the Race Bannon looking one kept trying to "culture" me with music from his personal collection. Contently listening to punk rock was keeping me pretty occupied, but I figured I'd humor the guy and check it out.


To make a long story short... I was fired a few days later after the Dos Equis guy did something stupid and I let him know I disagreed in such a way that it became the exact opposite of any possible outcome his heart desired. I pretty much left town after that. I ended up keeping this album.

Please enjoy the fabulous Nina Simone with
"I put a spell on you: The concert recordings."

PS. She hated rap music.


Anonymous said...

WOW, you really blew me away with this selection. I think I could have listened to her tell stories for days let alone sing! I thank you sir!


Oh, robot said...

It is my mission to enlighten. As pleasing as it was for you to have heard this, it was equally, if not more pleasing to have gotten this comment. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Well now that Joe Strummer's London Calling BBC radio series is no more. This is one of the beacons of fresh music I come to. Keep shining you diamond! Thanks a mil 8-)