Monday, December 28, 2009

Detroit Cobras learned all of this... man!

Click here to imitate Yakov Smirnoff forever.

Sure, everyone knows how rad the Detroit Cobras are, but do you know how great the original tunes were? Probably not and now you will.

I would include a track list here, but this evening I am far too preoccupied to get into all that. However, my digital kinfolk, Dgrador had this a while back and he has the songs listed there. He's a good dude.

Hey, do you know who Yakov Smirnoff even is?


Darjeeling said...

Thanks for pointing us to these goodies. I couldn't get the mediafire link to work. These D/L links from Dgrador's place do:

Part 1:
Part 2:


Oh, robot said...

I just checked and the links I posted are definitely working. Weird. Anyway, thanks for providing the alternate links! =)