Saturday, June 7, 2008

We all need Finishing School

Click here to bring those ferns back to life.
Link to be redone.

The Finishing School is a side project by Sasha Bell who otherwise would be putting in duties with Elephant 6 stalwarts The Essex Green & The Ladybug Transistor. This album, Destination girl is more of the same vibe you're familiar with from the aforementioned bands. This isn't a problem for me because I've always been a sucker for her vocals. This record feels simultaneously modern and "1960's hippies in the forest-esque." This is music for the cute girl with glasses to write in her journal to. Which is good...especially if that girl is writing about you.


Oh, robot said...

I'm aware this link isn't working. If you want it, drop a comment and I'll find the link and link it again.

Sheesha said...

Sorry to be a pain, but would it be possible for a new link?