Sunday, June 15, 2008

Elvis Perkins: Too cool.
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I was first introduced to Elvis Perkins by accident. It was sometime last year when I accepted an invitation to see the worst band ever: "Clap Your Hands say poo"

Anyway, Perkins was the opener. It was interesting the way he held court over the room full of Los Angeles hipsters. A few, including myself were into his performance, but there was a large amount of people in the room who you could tell were way too bored and couldn't wait for the headliner to start. Sucks for them, right?

When the show was over my brother took me to the merchandise table and bought me this album.
Clap your annoyance had just finished their set and the place started clearing out. My group hung around smoking cigarettes outside the place for a while, just bullshittin' and off to the side of the place just standing around was Elvis Perkins. With the freshly purchased vinyl in hand I walked over to give him props for putting on a great show, but before I could open my mouth, he looked at his buddy and says "Looks like he wants an autograph."

It wasn't what he said, but how he said it. I looked at him with disappointment and said "Keep your pen in your pocket...just wanted to tell you, great show." It was obvious that it was an awkward moment for the both of us.

Enjoy: Ash Wednesday.

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The Holy Yost said...

Well, at least he had the sense to be embarrassed, right? It's a great album, anyway.