Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slant 6 / Christina Billotte

Click here for R. Kelly pee samples.

Produced by Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi fame, Slant 6 were a Washington DC band consisting of an all girl line up. The most notable of the trio would be Christina Billotte, who after the band broke up in 1995, went on to form Quix*O*Tic with her sister, Mira Billotte, who went on to form the "eerie pop" band White Magic. Christina also released a one off disc under the name
The Casual Dots, which by the way is totally good.

The music on this disc isn't groundbreaking, but it sure is a nice way to see the early days of a talented musician.

Enjoy: Inzombia and watch this video which somehow goes with this post

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Adam said...

that muppets video is awesome and totally matches christina billotte's style. i wonder what she is up to? i miss her weirdness. her sister's band had a split single on tylenol (yes the pain medicine) records. weird.

i am going to go get the casual dots album. how did i not know about it for 4 years? and i thought i was a fan...