Monday, January 21, 2008

The Mysterious mix tape.
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Are you scared? Huh, you scared? Yeah...scaredy cat? Huh huh?

Well don't be, my little gems. I actually don't remember what songs are on this, but I promise that it's going to be a fun listen. See, sometimes I have a few cocktails and just start making mix tapes for friends and people I work with in order for them to share some fine tunes with me. Since I'm a music nerd, I usually end up exposing a band that they like and then they go out and see the live the t shirts...etc.

Maybe I'm doing a good service? Who knows...I like to imagine that you'll be sitting home listening to this and saying to yourself "Man, track 9 definitely is great. Thanks ohrobot!"

Anyway, enjoy this mixed bag of audible treats. Leaving a comment wouldn't be a bad idea either.

1 comment:

brad32 said...

awight, i'm a gonna give this a try...thanks!