Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ms. Denise James makes rock.
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Hey kids,
It's a brand New Year and hopefully you've all made it here without a trip to the hospital or worse...
I'd like to thank you all for visiting my little nook on the web. It means a lot for me to pass along music that some may not already know about. So thanks.

Today I'd like to give you all an album by Denise James. Who's she, right?
I'll be obliged to tell you:

Denise James is a Detroit musician whose music has a definite sixties sunshine pop vibe mixed in with a little dirty rock sound. She's produced by the man who seems to be the hardest working producer Detroit has ever seen; Jim Diamond.

Hmmm...sounds like a winning combo, right? Let's see:

Sixties pop...dirty rock and roll...Detroit...
Yeah, this one's a winner! After you hear this please go outside and find a way to buy her other records because if we don't pay them to do it, all music will go away and as a planet we'll be forced to listen to Daughtry. Ouch.

Favorite track? Let's take the day off.
(I'd be surprised if some travel company isn't begging to use it in a commercial)


L said...

No comments? What's up with that? DJ is one of the best, most underated singers out there. Fantastic sound. I have her 2nd record, but didn't know about this one. Thanks so much. How can you not love her to death? - LD

Darren said...

denise james is wonderful.

montysmusic said...

great album thanks mate