Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holly G is the main attraction!
Click her to taste what you secretly want to.

Of all the Billy Childish team members, Ms. Golightly is certainly the most prolific. Over the past decade she has released countless albums/singles and not one of them has been a dud. Most people only know her from Jack and Megs Elephant record where she contributed hilarious lyrics on the song "Well, it's true that we love one another" or her songs with one of my faves; The Greenhornes on the Bill Murray movie Broken Flowers.

At the earliest point in her career she was part of the seminal British all girl garage band Thee Headcoatees and after a couple of albums she embarked on a solo mission which quite frankly, doesn't show signs of slowing down.


Nicole*Rae said...

well man, I totally liked that move Broken Flowers, a little odd...but good odd, I love odd. I'm odd. hooray odd.

Matthew said...

Thanks, been wanting to check her stuff out.

L said...

She's released an awful lot of music - [not all of it easy to find] been wanting to hear more. THanks a lot. I know it's really time consuming to post this stuff... I like your taste in tunes; you've presented some great artists here. THANKS loads for your efforts. - LD