Thursday, January 17, 2008

Best albums of all Oh, robot time - Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return to the 36 chambers: The dirty version
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Okay folks, here is an unusual offering at oh,robot. I'll explain why there is a hip hop record on an otherwise rockin' blog. I've decided that I will now be posting albums with great personal relevance under the post title: Best albums of all Oh, robot time

First things first, I love hip hop music. Second, I haven't listened to hip hop radio since 1999 because it's really, in my opinion, a parody of itself. I know I risk sounding uncool or not with the times by saying that rap today is in a seriously sorry state. I mean, where are the entertaining lyricists? Why is it that whenever a car driven by a baseball capped thuggish looking dude drives by the only thing I can hear is high hats and sing-songy hooks? I can't understand why the "Diplomats" are so popular? The same goes for 90% of other popular acts.

Ludacris can rap. Kanye can rhyme. Everyone else however, just seems to be retelling the same guns/drugs/ho's/platinum crap that Puff started. Damn you Puff. By the way, is he even relevant anymore?

There is a curmudgeonly old man inside of me that is really mad that Company Flow, MF Doom, Cage, Atmosphere, Micranots, Natural Elements, etc; never shared their talents with the masses. Sure, I think it's great that they've been the personal private artists of a small percentage of (mostly European) fans, but c'mon? How is it that Lil' Scrappy or whatever the fu*k is gonna tell you something relevant? I guess he might if relevance equals "guns/drugs/ho's" to you, but to me...stuff like that just makes Bill Cosby upset. And we don't want to make a Huxtable mad do, we?

Enough ranting...let's unite under the flag of hip hop tonight.

I present to you an album that, although has more than enough rhymes about guns/drugs/ho's/ still incredible because at least nobody can accuse Mr. Russell Jones of "phoning it in." A lot of people might hate this record but they are also the same people who hate kittens...or babies.

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