Friday, November 28, 2008

White Stripes Live in Las Vegas 9.23.03

Sides A, B, & C:
Sides D & E:
Click here for longer arms

Sure, Jack White isn't the mysterious rock and roll bad ass he once was, but you're a prick liar if you tell me you didn't think he was the cat's meow a few years back before he went and released Meg's sex tape...just kidding. I mean, before his new wife stabbed kidding again. Hey, where's Meg? Megan? Hellooooooo? Megbot?

Anyway, this live show was rad and the vinyl version is next to impossible to get if you're not rolling in dough and coincidentally are registered with eBay.

It's a long show so I had to break it up into two separate files. Don't bitch about it. Just rock!

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Little Swimmer said...

Hey there, just got ahold of the blog from an instructor of mine. Nice work, really like what you're doing here. Great Stripes set, thanks!