Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally, an answer to the question nobody's asking...

If anyone is interested in why I write this blog, I'll tell you. I love Rock and Roll. I love all of its silly little offshoots too. But the truth is: A lot of people don't. Who knows why Celene Dion is bigger than Rachel Nagy? Or Michael Jackson is bigger than Morrissey? It's a strange world. It's a good thing it is.

We live in a weird generation where bands get famous or infamous through a computer. One guy hears it...rips it...sends it out. After that, a hundred new fans are born. And that's just today. Imagine later...

The band has a thousand fans. 800 bought it online. 200 got it free just because...

Now, I call that a good day.

I began writing this blog just to see if I could. I started with a Thin Lizzy post. That was a while ago. I want people to know this music. I mean no harm.

There are kids out there who've never heard The Sonics, but they download an album from some blog and if they really dig it they go out and buy the t-shirts and go to the shows and try your next record out on vinyl, even if it's a grossly overpackaged, limited edition of 100 on that crazy, red wax. You win.

If you're an older band that hasn't had an album pressed in years, don't worry. There are many bloggers out there who aim to educate. We'll tell people about your band. If your album's out of print, no stores sell it and your record label doesn't sell it? Where do the kids buy it? Where does your money come from? Not music... because there isn't any of yours available to buy, but the bloggers...they at least tell your stories.

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