Friday, November 21, 2008

Elvis Presley was a fine king...

Click here to listen to the bacon fry.

It's funny...when you were a kid you kind of looked at your parents music as lame because you wanted to listen to nothing but heavy metal and punk rock, but then you get a little older and realize that your parents knew something that you were way to much of a proud idiot to notice.

You realized that a lot of the older stuff was so much more rockin' than you would've imagined. Now, I didn't really have that problem because although my parents were a prostitute and a junkie, they did have awesome taste in music and they convinced me really early. Well, except for my brief infatuation with the Village People. This has nothing to do with the Elvis record I ripped from vinyl for you, but I thought I'd share. I wonder what my daughters are going to think of the White Stripes? I use that as the reference point because Elvis is going to seem as old to them as the T-Model Ford is to me.

Enjoy C'mon Everybody by the King, Elvis Presley!

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