Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peter Doherty - Acoustic Lullaby

Click here for a little heartache.

Oh Pete, I remember you when you were a fresh faced young man who was just experimenting with illegal substances. We were having fun. Who would've thought you'd like them so much? Anyway pal, we're not mad at you. No sir. If you need to be high all of the time, then so be it. Just do us a favor...don't die. We still love you. Thanks.

PS. Stay away from Winehouse. It's just too much of a mind warping crack blast that occurs when the two of you occupy the same space. Our veins can't handle it. Plus, she makes you look fat.



cool blog. thanks for the masonics, and simply saucer links!

Anonymous said...

ta for the pete docherty

mister Z said...

My theory is that the drugs and alcohol are acting as a sort of preservative, a brine if you will. Taking him off these substances would be contraindicative and just downright irresponsible. The boy's allright!