Thursday, July 10, 2008

The King Khan & BBQ show!

click here to put baby in the corner.

I'm a bit late on the band wagon when it comes to these two. I had always been aware of their existence, but failed to take a closer look. I don't know why, maybe laziness is the culprit? Anyway, a few weeks ago I picked up this little gem through a friend and immediately decided that I'd be a lazy man no more. I won't sit here and tell you that every song on this album is great. In my opinion there are at least two clunkers. Most notably "fish fight"

That being said, the rest of this record will definitely satisfy that lo-fi garage punk yearning that I know you've got inside. The kind of hunger that keeps you out there on the streets searchin' for the perfect soundtrack to a booze swillin' evening with the one you wanna bang.

It's like poetry really.


burntgarage47 said...

i thought fish fight was a pretty kickass song

Oh, robot said...

Burntgarage47 - I should clarify...I love all about this song...except for the "rapped" lyrics. The beat however, is incredible and seriously makes me want to fight, tell a joke, and fuck...though not in that particular order. Long live Khan and Sultan!!!! By the way, thanks for coming by this site. I like comments, they make me happier than a guy who just scored Lafayette Blues with all of the inserts for under a hundred bucks!

El Bergo said...

thanks a lot.