Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Greenhornes - Dual Mono
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Everyday that I wake up and have coffee two things come to mind:
1. "Damn, this coffee is good"
2. "What the hell is Craig Fox doing?"

Well, actually I don't really think about that second one everyday, but to be fair I was thinking about it at this very moment after recalling about how awful the last Racs album was. I wonder if Pat Keeler and Little Jack miss playing those smaller shows?

Ahhh...those were the days. Anyway, what IS Craig Fox doing now? I definitely miss that voice.

Update: I have just learned what the man, Craig Fox has been up to. Along with members of the now defunct Soledad Brothers and Pearlene, he's in the beer soaked band The Cincinnati Suds
Suddenly my life just became that much more warm. I think I'll go ahead and pour myself a little Makers Mark.

Here's their promo video


Peter said...

Thanks for this...P

cosmo said...

how could you say the last raconteurs' album is so bad ? "carolina drama" is the best protest song since... i don't know... bob dylan's "desire" maybe. your blog is well but you're all wrong 'bout the racs'

ericb said...

Dual Mono is the best album of all time. And speaking of Craig Fox, have you heard anything from Oxford Cotton? I saw them in Cleveland, best show since the last time I saw The Greenhornes.

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