Friday, July 11, 2008

Every robot got a lonely heart...

Welcome to oh, robot. I'm one guy. If I had to build one thing to save the world...well, I guess it would have to be a fireproof boat big enough to save a lone group of survivors who, against the odds stacked against them, lose a few along the way before ultimately discovering such a dark secret that the forces of hell would stop at nothing to bring them their doom. If I could shut up for ten minutes, I would.

I like music. I like that I know an LA gangster who secretly spends his quiet time listening to Gretchen Wilson. I wish I rode my bicycle more often. I've been playing more guitar lately. It seems I always like doing that better when the bottom string is missing. It snapped off the other day. "Yes!" I thought.

Does anybody who reads this blog wanna say thanks sometimes?

It was 4am the other night when I had just finished a round of cocktails in the backyard. I was listening to King Khan & BBQ when I picked up the hose and watered my yard. It's been hot here and the tips of my privacy greens are beginning to turn a failed orange.

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iamnothing45 said...

oh, have a great blog here.. i think i stumbled across it from a link off of turnrighttoopen. i don't actually download all that much of what you post but i really enjoy your musings on life..anybody that has posted odb and the oblivians obviously knows what's going on. seems like you've gone through some hard times but your sense of humor has remained intact. keep your head up.. and keep up the great work.. and thanks for sharing all the music and your life..